Powerful application of technology for outstanding results in reality.
Our On Demand logistics is specially made for catering & restaurant chains.

Multiple Zone based logistics management

On demand delivery works best in smaller zones. Create multiple zones within a city or area to achieve maximum efficiency.

Elaborate Product inventory management.

Create and easily manage hundreds of products to offer bundles or recipes the most creative ways possible. Customers will love it.

High Accuracy Live Vehicle Tracking

Combining multiple sources & methods, you can pinpoint your mobile assets so that all customers are getting the accurate delivery timings. Surprise them by being superfast!

Dynamic Rerouting & Route Management

The system automatically updates to the best possible route for the delivery person, from reaching the provider to the destination to the next order.

Delivery optimisation & ETA

Surprize customers with extremely accurate delivery times and find the fastest route to get them there.

Dynamic Fleet automation

If you have multiple vehicles in multiple types, our system can do the brainiac job to decide which can run the total fleet faster logically.

App for Delivery Bike and Vans.

Easy to operate apps that notify and guide the vehicles to their destination with the fastest route accurately

Secure Web UI for Admin

The admin has control to everything, make changes and can monitor from a secure server. It is easy to use too

Web and app UI for Providers/Vendors

Real time notifications are sent to the dispatch locations and a powerful management application helps vendors to maintain synchronization.

Real time Delay planning

No delay is unforseen, our system takes every measure to find the fastest way even if it means changing the route midway if a faster lane opens up.

Powerful reports for predicting heatmap

Admins are updated with reports that make them take better decisions where it is needed optimization

Ordering App for customers

A great way to offer all your services to the customers. People can directly order, check eta and delivery updates from the app

Also Extendable to CRM, Inventory, Accounting ...and more!

Technology Stack

How Does “On Demand Delivery” Work?

Customers want everything fast! So delivering as fast as you can on their demand is something you need to keep them happy. Meeting this daunting and ever growing demand is only solvable via cutting edge technology to maintain a network of on the fly logistics and dispatching goods from multiple locations.

1. Customer makes the order which needs to be delivered quick, like food.

2. The nearest provider gets alerted as well as the nearest delivery person.

3. The delivery person uses the shortest route to pick it up and get it to the doorstep.

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